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September 10, 2019

Video Statewide Business Court Task Force   9:30 A.M. SCR-A Daily Journal PDF Download

September 13, 2019

Video Interim Emergency Board   9:00 A.M. SCR-E Daily Journal PDF Download
Video Joint Transportation   1:00 P.M. John J. Hainkel Room Daily Journal PDF Download

September 18, 2019

Video Louisiana Tax Commission 2020 Rules and Regulations Session - Adoption Proceedings 10:00 A.M. SCR-E Daily Journal PDF Download
Video Louisiana Tax Commission Upon Adjournment of Rules and Regulations SCR-E Daily Journal PDF Download

September 19, 2019

Video State Bond Commission 10:00 A.M. SCR-A Daily Journal PDF Download

September 25, 2019

Video Revenue Estimating Conference   1:30 P.M. SCR-A Daily Journal PDF Download
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