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Committee Name
LA Tax Commission
Jan 25, @ Adj of Rules and Regulation Session, Room F
LA Tax Commission 2023 Rules and Regulations Session
Jan 25, 10:00 AM, Room F
Expert Testimony Justification Defense Task Force
Jan 24, 1:00 PM, Room-F
Study Commission On Deterring Sex Offenses Against Children
Jan 24, 9:30 AM, Room-F
JLCB Subcommittee on Pharmacy Benefit Manager Services under OGB
Jan 20, @ Adj JLCB, Hainkel
Water Sector Commission
Jan 19, 9:00 AM, Hainkel
Emerging Energy Codification T. F. (SR 161)
Jan 17, 1:30 PM, Room F
Health & Welfare
Jan 11, Jan 11, 1:00PM, Hainkel

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