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Sergeant at Arms



John Keller

The Sergeant at Arms is elected by the members of the Senate every four years in the same manner as the President following election of the Secretary. The Sergeant at Arms is in attendance in the Senate Chamber while the Senate is in session; maintains order in the Senate Chamber and in the committee rooms and offices of the Senate and of its officers and employees; signs for messages and telegrams of absent members and is responsible for their prompt delivery; attends, or cause an assistant sergeant at arms to attend, each committee meeting during legislative sessions, and such meetings between sessions as directed by the President, for the purpose of assisting the chairman in any manner that will aid the work of the committee; under the direction of the President, or the Secretary if designated by the President, oversees the physical arrangement of the Senate Chamber, the committee rooms, and offices of the Senate and of its officers, and maintain security therein; and executes all process issued by authority of the Senate as he is directed to execute by the President.




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Louisiana State Capitol
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Louisiana State Senate
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Senate Rules of Order

Questions and comments may be directed to websen@legis.la.gov
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