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SCR6 Task Force

The task force is to meet and study state and local taxation laws with respect to local government funding from ad valorem taxes on inventory, ad valorem taxes on vessels in Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Waters, and the state associated tax credits to identify state and local government funding sources that will fully fund local and state government and retain and improve the state's business competitiveness, and report its findings and recommendations.

The task force is to:

(1) Examine other states' local government tax structure.

(2) Forecast the long-range impact of the current structure on both state and local government funding.

(3) Examine economic competitiveness models and reports to determine recommended best practices.

(4) Recommend comprehensive solutions that will fully fund local government, reduce or eliminate the growing impact on the state general fund of the state tax credits for ad valorem taxes on inventory and vessels, and retain or enhance the state's business competitiveness.


(225) 342-1771

P.O. Box 44481
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
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Leonore F. Heavey
Senior Attorney
(225) 342-8313

Benjamin A. Huxen, II
Senior Attorney
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Christine B. Impastato
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Questions and comments may be directed to websen@legis.la.gov
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.