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Standing Committee Staff Assignments


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Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development
Candace Shields
Senior Secretary(225) 342-1078
Curry J. Lann
Senior Attorney(225) 342-0645
Commerce, Consumer Protection and International Affairs
Michelle D. Ridge
Senior Attorney(225) 342-6162
Stacy DeLaney
Secretary (225) 342-2366
Cheryl M. Serrett
Analyst (225) 342-1022
Aimee D. Richard
Secretary (225) 342-6090
Environmental Quality
McHenry Lee
Analyst (225) 342-0734
Christine B. Impastato
Secretary (225) 342-1771
Jessica Y. Miller
Senior Secretary(225) 342-0674
Health and Welfare
Christine Arbo Peck
Senior Attorney(225) 342-2114
Jill Eldridge
Secretary (225) 342-2102
Michelle Johnson
Senior Secretary(225) 342-0659
Cheryl B. Cooper
Senior Attorney(225) 342-0604
Judiciary A
Cathy Ortego
Administrative Secretary(225) 342-6192
Xavier Alexander
Attorney (225) 342-8370
Judiciary B
W. Celeste Ellis
Administrative Secretary(225) 342-0654
Ashley E. Menou
Attorney (225) 342-0599
Judiciary C
Alden A. Clement, Jr.
Senior Attorney(225) 342-0640
Deborah LeBlanc
Senior Secretary(225) 342-2721
Labor and Industrial Relations
Laur'En M Cimino
Secretary (225) 342-8325
Carla Roberts
Attorney (225) 342-9541
Local and Municipal Affairs
Michael T. Bell
Senior Attorney(225) 342-1175
Gail Brister
Senior Secretary(225) 342-9127
Natural Resources
Hilma Hatcher
Senior Secretary(225) 342-9703
Alan Miller
Senior Attorney(225) 342-2576
Margaret M. Corley
Attorney (225) 342-8827
Kelsey R. Rome
Secretary (225) 342-0656
Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
James Benton
Attorney (225) 342-0597
Shannon C. Simpson
Secretary (225) 342-6181
Senate and Governmental Affairs
Cynthia Thomas
Administrative Secretary(225) 342-9845
Transportation, Highways and Public Works
Margaret K. O'Roark
Secretary (225) 342-0655
Sharon F. Lyles
Senior Attorney(225) 342-6547



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