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2011-2012 Photo Gallery

Senator Gerald Long taught Evelyn Longino's civics class at Red River High School.

Senator Gerald Long taught Evelyn Longino's civics class at Red River High School.

Senator Sharon Broome teaches a class on representative democracy to Ms. Jerry Wheatly's Civics Class at Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

Left to Right: Jerry Wheatly, Civics Teacher at Baton Rouge Magnet High School and Senator Sharon Broome.

A Baton Rouge High School student seeks career advice from Senator Sharon Broome during her school visit.

Senator Eric LaFleur teaches Jarred Manuel's civics class at Oakdale High School.

Senator Mike Walworth teaching representative democracy to the civics class at Neville High School in Monroe.

Senator Mike Walsworth presents Brent Vidrine, the principal of Neville High School, with a framed picture of the constitution.

Senator Jonathan Perry leads Ms. Labbie's Civics Class at Rayne High School in an exercise that illustrates representative democracy.

Students at Rayne High School learn the necessity of compromise during a class taught by Senator Perry.

After teaching a class at Prairie View Academy, Senator Mike Walsworth gave Coach Smart a framed copy of the constitution.

Senator Mike Walsworth teaches the value of representative democracy to civics classes in his district.

Senator Dan Claitor offers students numerous current events found in the newspaper for discussion and debate.

Senator Dan Claitor facilitates an exercise of the legislative process with students from Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

Oakdale High School Civics Teachers with Senator Eric LaFleur. Left to right: Ladesha George, Senator LaFleur and Jared Manuel.


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