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Message from Senate President Joel  T. Chaisson, II:

Senate President Donald Hines

The Louisiana Senate is honored to have the opportunity to participate in the National Conference of State Legislature's America's Legislators Back to School program, now in its 11th year. The members of the Louisiana Senate are long-time, avid supporters of this highly successfully civic education effort with 100% of our members participating in the program during the 2008-09 school year. We are eager to return to the classroom this school year.

The Louisiana Senate believes it is imperative that we engage our young people in the process of representative democracy. The American's Legislators Back to School program gives us the opportunity to do that, promoting public service and explaining the consensus and compromise that is at the heart of the legislative process. At the same time, we have a chance to visit with teachers, school administrators and students and discuss their thoughts and concerns.

The America's Legislators Back to School Program is making a difference in Louisiana. In fact, a simple visit by one of our members to a classroom a couple of years ago resulted in a new state law pushed by students that created the nationally recognized Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council.

This civic education program is truly a chance to educate and to be educated, a chance to nurture civic responsibility in our state's future leaders. The Louisiana Senate wholeheartedly supports that effort.


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Baton Rouge, Louisiana.