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Welcome to the Senate Fiscal Services Home Page! It is hoped that this site will give you, our guest, the most current fiscal information relative to state budgeting and finance matters that are also of particular concern to Senate members and staff.

How can you reach us?

FAX Number: 
(225) 342-0602

Office location:
Suite H, 1st Floor
Louisiana State Capitol
900 3rd Street,
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Mailing address: 
Louisiana Senate
Box 94183
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

What do we do?

Senate Fiscal Services is responsible for budgeting and finance matters in the Senate. As such, the division engages in various year-round activities including:

• Staffing the Senate Finance Committee and the Revenue Estimating Conference

• Responding to Senator’s requests for fiscal information

• Developing and maintaining computer programs for amendment tracking of general appropriations and cash capital outlay

• Preparing publications and briefings on current and emerging issues with significant fiscal implications

• Monitoring budget development for the next fiscal year as state agencies submit budget requests and the Governor’s executive budget recommendation is prepared

• Drafting legislation and conducting independent research, including monitoring fiscal activity in other states

• Creating and maintaining data bases

• Maintaining "state of the fisc" information on the status of the current state budget as executed by the various state agencies

• Providing professional and secretarial support for and/or monitoring of the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget, the Louisiana Bond Commission, the Interim Emergency Board, and various other standing and ad hoc committees who formulate policy recommendations with significant fiscal implications for the state.


Contact Us

Mark Barnes

Budget Analyst

(225) 342-0331

Peggy Broussard

Administrative Secretary

(225) 342-4293

Heather Clark

Senior Budget Analyst

(225) 342-0607

Kari B. Couvillon

Senior Budget Analyst

(225) 342-0759

Raynel Gascon

Senior Secretary

(225) 342-2062

Clark D. Gradney

Senior Budget Analyst

(225) 342-8895

Bobbie Hunter

Senior Budget Analyst

(225) 342-9785

Jay Lueckel

Senior Budget Analyst

(225) 342-0647

Jessica Y. Miller

Senior Secretary

(225) 342-0674

Sherry Phillips-Hymel


(225) 342-8894

David Ray

Senior Budget Analyst

(225) 342-6212

Shannon C. Simpson



How are we structured?

Senate Fiscal Services have staff assignments in various subject areas relative to both expenditures and revenues.  Our staff serves as a gateway for Senators and staff to obtain the fiscal information they need, and within time and resource constraints, we provide in-depth research for pressing issues. Subject area assignments are also intended to complement our staff’s responsibilities for staffing and/or monitoring various committees of state government who act upon fiscal matters.

Our division maintains files on all operating budget requests and performance data, appropriation acts, the Governor’s executive budgets, the state’s annual financial statements, the state’s revenue estimates and five-year plans, publications and reports from other fiscal staffs, and other relevant fiscal information.

In addition, we work closely with the Office of Planning and Budget in the Division of Administration, the House Fiscal Division, the Legislative Fiscal Office, and the Office of the Legislative Auditor to share and reconcile data and information.

Fiscal Services
Louisiana State Senate
Baton Rouge, LA


Questions and comments may be directed to websen@legis.la.gov
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.