Rule 5.1.  Absence

No member of the Senate shall be absent from any session of the Senate unless he has been granted leave by the Senate or is unable to attend because of illness.

Rule 5.2.  Presence recorded

Any member who enters the Senate Chamber after the roll has been called shall immediately notify the Secretary of his arrival, and the Secretary shall record him in the Journal as present.

Rule 5.3.  Quorum

A quorum of the Senate is a majority of the elected members of the Senate.

Rule 5.4.  Quorum necessary to transact business

The presence of a quorum of the Senate is required for the Senate to transact business; however, a smaller number of members may adjourn from day to day and shall have authority to compel the attendance of absent members.

Rule 5.5.  Quorum call

A. A quorum call to ascertain whether or not a quorum is present shall be in order at any time except when a member has the floor.

B. When a member of the Senate requests a quorum call, the President shall direct the Secretary to open the voting machine for a roll call. If a majority of the Senators answer the roll call, a quorum shall be deemed to be present. The same roll call procedure, to determine the presence of a quorum, shall be followed as the first order of business in the Morning Hour.

Rule 5.6.  Compelling attendance of absent members

A majority of the members present may compel the attendance of absent members.

Rule 5.7.  Repealed by SR 33 of the 1999 Regular Session

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