Rule 4.1.  Employees

A. The President shall employ such persons as are necessary to carry out the business of the Senate, including but not necessarily restricted to desk clerks; Assistant Sergeants at Arms, enrolling room personnel, and pages.

B. All employees shall be under the general authority and control of the President and shall be subject to general supervision by the Secretary. The Assistant Sergeants at Arms shall be under the immediate direction of the Sergeant at Arms.

Rule 4.2.  Assistant Secretary

One of the desk clerks shall be designated by the President as the Assistant Secretary. In the event of the absence of the Secretary or of a vacancy in the office of Secretary, the Assistant Secretary shall take charge of and attend to all duties of the office of Secretary until an Acting Secretary is appointed or a Secretary is elected.

Rule 4.3.  Pages

The President shall employ persons to serve as pages during sessions of the Legislature. The minimum age for pages shall be sixteen years. A page must be a high school graduate or officially excused from school for the period of his employment. The pages shall be under the supervision of the Secretary, who shall provide rules and regulations covering their duties. In addition, a page may be assigned to attend each committee meeting, to assist the chairman in any manner that will aid in the work of the committee.

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