Rule 2.1.  Members elected to full term; judging qualifications and elections; oath

Members of the Senate shall meet in the Senate Chamber at the state capitol at 10 a.m. on the second Monday in January after their election every four years and, after judging the qualifications and elections of the members required by Article III, Section 7 of the constitution, shall take the oath or affirmation of office prescribed by the constitution in open Senate.

Rule 2.2.  Members elected to fill vacancies; oath

A person elected to fill the remainder of an unexpired term in the Senate shall take the oath or affirmation of office within thirty days after the secretary of state promulgates the election returns.

Rule 2.3.  Administration of oaths or affirmations

The Secretary shall administer all oaths or affirmations, except that the President shall administer the oath to the Secretary.


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