Rule 14.1.  Journal; proceedings entered

The proceedings of the Senate shall be entered in the Journal as concisely as possible, and care shall be taken to detail a true and accurate account of the proceedings.

Rule 14.2.  Journal; votes entered

Each vote of the Senate shall be entered in the Journal, together with a concise statement of the question upon which the vote was taken. Each record or roll call vote shall be entered in the Journal in such manner as to list the name of each member voting yea, the name of each member voting nay, and the name of each absent member.

Rule 14.3.  Journal; legislative instruments to be entered, form

The author(s) and the title of each bill or joint resolution and the full text of each resolution or concurrent resolution introduced in the Senate shall be printed in the Journal for the day on which the instrument was introduced. The title of the instrument shall accompany each Journal entry of subsequent action taken upon the instrument. Each resolution, concurrent resolution, and joint resolution which originates in the Senate and which is ordered enrolled shall be printed in full in the Journal, as enrolled, as part of the report on enrollments of the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Rule 14.4.  Journal; documents entered

Each petition, memorial, communication, or other paper presented to the Senate shall be printed in full in the Journal unless the Senate directs otherwise, in which case a brief statement of the contents thereof shall be included in the Journal.

Rule 14.5.  Journal read daily

The Secretary shall read the Journal daily in open session, unless a majority of the members present dispenses with the reading thereof. If the Journal is not available when the reading of the Journal is called for, its reading shall be postponed until it is available.

Rule 14.6.  Senate Calendar; publication

During each legislative session the Secretary, in conjunction with the Clerk of the House, shall cause Legislative Calendars to be published periodically. If the House fails to order publication of a Legislative Calendar, a Senate Calendar shall be published upon specific order of the Senate.

Rule 14.7.  Interim Calendar

The Secretary shall maintain and shall regularly mail to all members of the legislature a copy of each Interim Calendar published, which he shall establish and which may be informally reproduced. He also shall make the Interim Calendar available to the news media, the public, and to all registered lobbyists who file a written request for it. With respect to all Senate instruments, the Interim Calendar shall list the author(s) and the title of prefiled instruments, indicate all those which have been referred to committee, and indicate the committee to which each has been referred, either by the President or by the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee. The Interim Calendar also shall indicate any provisional report which a committee has determined it will make to the Senate on each measure for which it has determined such a provisional report and for which it has filed a provisional report with the Secretary.

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